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Quick start for TVM SDK


This demo app implements the following logic:

  1. Creates and initialize an instance of the SDK client;

  2. Creates a giver contract instance (will be used for send tokens to helloWorld contract);

  3. Deploys the helloWorld contract:

    3.1 Generates key pair for the contract;

    3.2 Calculate future address of the contract;

    3.3 Sends to the future address of the contract some tokens required for deploy;

    3.4 Returns instance of the helloWorld contract;

  4. Calls some methods (getter and setter) of the contract.


After you have created and deployed the wallet and helloWorld contracts, you should to place their ABI files in the resources folder.


To replenish the balance of wallet-contract, please contact us in Channel on Telegram.

Setup giver

Before you start, you should setup a wallet-contract to be used as a giver.
Edit .env file with following content:


Run it

cargo run

You will see a result similar to the following:

Future address: 0:41b8b9d954bfd2c9646fd3e6fc56c73cc091fd5acbcee6b1c2593b4d8beecddf
Requesting tokens from giver-contract...
Transaction id: 9167ef30059487d8dbfbd3e505d3fa3944218a748b9f8bc9a5344983555da377

Contract status: Uninit (ready to deploy)
Contract balance: 1000000000 nanotokens
Contract has been deployed
Timestamp result[1]: 1710358282
Updating timestamp...
Timestamp result[2]: 1710358284

Source code

The source code of all the components used can be found here