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The "Hacks & Grants" is the new tool integrated into DAOs on GOSH which allows any DAO to create its own Hackathon or Grant Program of any size directly from their decentralized repository

Hacks & Grants will soon include an automated reward system that allows users to adapt their Hacks & Grants program to any format, be it dollars, euros, pounds, bitcoins, ether, ERC-20 or DAO tokens(supported). Users can also invite different sponsors to their Hackathon. Planned in the Hacks & Grant program supports multi-token reward pools

All code, files, and results stored in decentralized open source code repositories, meaning all Hackathon rules are automatically enforced on-chain, and in a trustless environment

Grants on GOSH allow collaborative problem-solving events to be financed, and so sustained, for a longer period of time (coming soon)