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GOSHa revolutionary decentralized computing platform that is accessible to everyone, everywhere.

GOSH runs on the Acki Nacki protocol, ensuring scalability, fast finality and gasless transactions.

As Git on-chain and DAO platform, GOSH enables communities to reach consensus on decentralized processes and asset management.

Various tools have been developed to assist you in adopting GOSH for your decentralized processes and asset management:

  • create and manage your on-chain repositories using the GOSH Web interface or directly in the Docker Extension;

  • work with an on-chain repository just like you would with a regular Git repository with Git Remote Helper.

GOSH offers an array of powerful apps, including:

  • Integrity Credits: uses DAO in GOSH to provide expert assessments and loans for biodiversity conservation;

  • AnyTree: ensures the security of your software supply chain;

  • Hackathons and Grant Programs: you can run decentralized hackathons or grant programs directly from your DAO;

GOSH can be used to access other blockchain networks, currently supporting Ethereum
(Bitcoin is coming soon).