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AnyTree Firewall for Telepresence


The GOSH AnyTree Firewall integration with Telepresence is designed to make sure everything developed with Telepresence for Docker will be identically reproduced with every build, regardless of other changes made in the development process. The integration tool provides an additional security measure, so developers can build software faster and with confidence.

Part of the GOSH AnyTree Firewall is the ‘Deep SBOM’ - a tool describing not only what, but also how something was built, and uses GOSH Anytree Builder to safely build reproducible containers in an isolated environment.

GOSH AnyTree Firewall is currently in Beta testing stages on Linux only, but will be available on other platforms and Docker Desktop in the near future.

Quick start

for Linux

  1. Install Git Remote Helper using the installation script

    wget -O - \ \
      | bash -s

    Checking the installation results.

  2. Install GOSH AnyTree using the installation script

    wget -O - \ \
      | bash -s

    You can check installation by running:

    gosh anytree --help
  3. Install Kubernetes with Telepresence the Traffic Manager


    We need to return docker's context to default.

    docker context use default

    To see all available docker's contexts type:

    docker context list
  4. Start Telepresence with AnyTree Firewall

    telepresence intercept [OPTIONS] --docker-build \
      gosh://0:0d5...e92c/<your_dao>/<your_repo>#<commit_or_branch_or_tag> \