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Git Remote Helper

Git Remote Helper is a git-client helper to interact with remote repositories hosted on the GOSH blockchain.

Setup helper from source

  1. Prerequisites:

    • Rust v1.65+
    • Protobuf Compiler
    • git
    • make
  2. Clone gosh repository

  3. cd git-remote-gosh and run make install
  4. Add path with git-remote-gosh for availability via $PATH:
export PATH="<path/to/git-remote-gosh>:$PATH"

or use symlink (e.g. into/usr/local/bin):

ln -s /path/to/git-remote-gosh /usr/local/bin/git-remote-gosh

Run the following command to make sure it's available:

which git-remote-gosh

Setup helper from binary releases

  1. Prerequisites:

    • wget
  2. Download latest version:


  3. Set executable flag:

    chmod +x git-remote-gosh-amd64

  4. Copy binary to any searchable path:

    cp git-remote-gosh-amd64 /usr/local/bin/git-remote-gosh

Setup user account

When creating your account in Docker extension or GOSH Web you received a GOSH wallet address and keys.

To be able to push to Gosh repositories, you need to set up these credentials for Git Remote Helper.

The helper expects that the wallet credentials are in the file ~/.gosh/config.json or in the file specified in the environment variable GOSH_CONFIG_PATH:

  "ipfs": "",
  "primary-network": "goshnet",
  "networks": {
    "goshnet": {
      "user-wallet": {
        "profile": "USERNAME",
        "pubkey": "655b120c996b4f69c686cb3b769fbdfa0141006ce6a88dc012bf323c30265924",
        "secret": "6bdc38c0ecd6f74399f6b8ff2486f0e2abb32fca712caf3e4a47ef4a2634c4e8"
      "endpoints": [""]

Use GOSH as remote

For correct usage of the helper you should refer to remote in the following form:


Set remote for existing local repository

git remote add origin gosh://0:a6af961f2973bb00fe1d3d6cfee2f2f9c89897719c2887b31ef5ac4fd060638f/my-user-name/my-repo

Clone repository

git clone gosh://0:a6af961f2973bb00fe1d3d6cfee2f2f9c89897719c2887b31ef5ac4fd060638f/my-user-name/my-repo

Ever SDK protocol

By default, the SDK in Remote Helper uses the WebSocket protocol. If for some reason this does not suit you (for example, you are using Alpine Linux), then set the environment variable GOSH_PROTO to http

export GOSH_PROTO=http