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GOSH Ethereum L2


Endpoint for use with Ever-SDK

network main:

To explore the GOSH blockchain, you can use the GOSH explorer

First you need to get the address of user's profile.
The contract Profile is deployed for each user when registering with GOSH.

To get its address, you need to call the method getProfileAddr of the VersionController contract

Transfer tokens

from GOSH to GOSH

Before transferring to another TIP-3 wallet, you need to check whether the recipient's TIP-3 wallet is already deployed.

To do this, you need to call the method getWalletAddress in the RootTokenContract, the recipient's public key is specified.

If the recipient's TIP-3 wallet is not deployed, you need to call the method transferToRecipient in the TIP-3 wallet contract "TONTokenWallet" (from which the transfer will be made).


await'transferToRecipient', {
    _answer_id: 0,
    answer_addr: null,
    to: { pubkey, owner: null },
    tokens: 0,
    evers: BigInt(4.5 * 10 ** 9).toString(),
    keep_evers: BigInt(4 * 10 ** 9).toString(),
    deploy: true,
    return_ownership: 0,
    notify_payload: null,

As a result, an empty TIP-3 wallet will be deployed to the recipient.


It is important to wait until the contract status changes to "Active".

Then, for transfer the TIP-3 tokens to the user, you need to call the method transfer in the TONTokenWallet contract.


await'transfer', {
    _answer_id: 0,
    answer_addr: null,
    to: address,
    tokens: amount.toString(),
    evers: BigInt(4 * 10 ** 9).toString(),
    return_ownership: 0,
    notify_payload: null,

from Ethereum to GOSH

For transfer tokens to GOSH, you need to call the method:

in the ELOCK contract.

Then it is necessary to calculate the address of the user's TIP-3 wallet in GOSH and wait the transfer of tokens to the received TIP3 user wallet in GOSH.

from GOSH to Ethereum

To transfer tokens to Ethereum, you will need to call method:

in the user contract TONTokenWallet

Then wait for the receipt of tokens to the recipient's Ethereum wallet.

Getting the user's TIP-3 wallet address:

using by user name

Knowing the address of the user's contract Profile you call the method getAccess in it.

As a result, you get a list of all the user's public keys with their numbers.


It is necessary to take the zeroth pubkey from the list

Then, using the received user's public key, it will be possible to determine the address of the user's TIP-3 wallet

using the user's public key

To do this, in the RootTokenContract calling method getWalletAddress

Getting a list of incoming messages of the contract


Using pagination in the SDK

Get info about TIP-3 wallet details

To get information about the TIP-3 wallet you will need to call the getDetails method in the contract TONTokenWallet

Get TIP-3 root list

To get a list of ERC20 token addresses that are supported in GOSH Ethereum L2, you need to call the getTokenRoots method in the ELOCK contract.

For every ERC20 token in the given list, execute the following get-methods:
name symbol decimals

After that, you need to call the method getRootAddr in the Checker contract with the received data