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Create and compile contract


Install Solidity compiler

Download and install the Solidity compiler for required platform from here

Create contract

Create file helloWorld.sol with following content:

pragma ton-solidity >= 0.35.0;
pragma AbiHeader expire;

// This is class that describes you smart contract.
contract helloWorld {
    // Contract can have an instance variables.
    // In this example instance variable `timestamp` is used to store the time of `constructor` or `touch`
    // function call
    uint32 public timestamp;

    // Contract can have a `constructor` – function that will be called when contract will be deployed to the blockchain.
    // In this example constructor adds current time to the instance variable.
    // All contracts need call tvm.accept(); for succeeded deploy
    constructor() public {
        // Check that contract's public key is set
        require(tvm.pubkey() != 0, 101);
        // Check that message has signature (msg.pubkey() is not zero) and
        // message is signed with the owner's private key
        require(msg.pubkey() == tvm.pubkey(), 102);
        // The current smart contract agrees to buy some gas to finish the
        // current transaction. This actions required to process external
        // messages, which bring no value (hence no gas) with themselves.

        timestamp = block.timestamp;

    function renderHelloWorld () public pure returns (string) {
        return 'helloWorld';

    // Updates variable `timestamp` with current blockchain time.
    function touch() external {
        // Each function that accepts external message must check that
        // message is correctly signed.
        require(msg.pubkey() == tvm.pubkey(), 102);
        // Tells to the TVM that we accept this message.
        // Update timestamp
        timestamp = block.timestamp;

    function sendValue(address dest, uint128 amount, bool bounce) public view {
        require(msg.pubkey() == tvm.pubkey(), 102);
        // It allows to make a transfer with arbitrary settings
        dest.transfer(amount, bounce, 0);

Full TVM Solidity API reference is here


Compile the contract using Solidity compiler:

sold helloWorld.sol

The compiler produces helloWorld.code, helloWorld.tvc and helloWorld.abi.json to be used in the following steps.

Binary code of your contract is recorded into helloWorld.tvc file.

Source code

You can find full source code of this contract and its artifacts here